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Dryer Balls

$28.00 USD
SKU: 20222903A
The Eco-friendly alpaca dryer balls are an economic alternative to chemical-filled dryer sheets and made from alpaca fiber normally gone unused. Simply place your set of three in the dryer with your laundry. The dryer balls will separate your clothing helping them dry faster and with fewer wrinkles!

This one-time investment…

saves you $$ on dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener
reduces drying time, saving you more $$ on your utility bill
eliminates the chemical build-up on your lint filter due to fabric softeners
reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals
softens your clothes naturally
removes static economically
Dryer Balls give you peace of mind because they are…

hypoallergenic and contain no lanolin
resistant to odors and staining
reusable. Simply keep them in your dryer all the time
naturally flame retardant
If you’d like to add a scent, use a few drops of your favorite essential oil. In the case of static cling, drop them in the wash cycle.

** You will receive a set of 3 balls. This will serve a standard load. For large loads, get two sets. Each ball is approximately 2-3 inches wide. Colors vary. (Fiber is undyed. Colors are naturally grown by the alpaca.) **

Packaged in an eco-friendly giftable box. Alpaca Dryer Balls make an excellent alpaca gift for friends and family and a simple yet amazing way to show off the unique benefit of alpaca.

100% alpaca. Grown and Made in America. Fiber for these dryer balls is grown on small family farms in the US