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Open Up Your Property with Drive Thru Gates!

The "Original" Hurricane Gate

Stop! Don't get off that Tractor!! 


  1. Affordable Drive Thu-Electric Live-Stock Gate
  2. Installs in hours rather than days and weeks
  3. Easily adjustable height, width and tension
  4. Tractors, Cars, ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Side by Sides all can easily drive through without being shocked.
  5. You also can walk through the gate by grabbing the "Safety Green" Section


What is one of the most annoying things about Farming/Ranching that you deal with on a daily basis?  For me, it was getting off my tractor to open a gate, drive thru that gate, and get back off the tractor and close the gate.   Especially, when I was alone working on the farm.  That was until I found the ultimate "affordable" solution.  The Origninal Electric Drive-Thru "Hurricane" Gate.  This product has saved me a ton of time on the farm and I highly recommend it as opposed to alternate much more expensive solutions. 

One of those being "Cattle Gates". A farmer friend of mine built several of these for his property.  They function as desired.  However, they were expensive and a huge investment in time and material.  He explained he had over, $1500 just in material concrete, rebar, forms, square tube, welding supplies and accessories.  This did not include his time to build these cattle gates.  He is a perfectionist, and they look and function as he designed, but he is also retired and I did not have that kind of time to invest in a solution that at best, simply keeps the livestock in and allows me free passage to the other side of the gate!

Enter in the Hurricane Gate!  This system installed easily, and was up and functioning in 1 afternoon.  You know you hit a home run when the wife digs it too!  This gate is easily adjustable for height, width and tension.  The best part, the kids can still drive their 4-wheelers and dirt bikes through it.  They can drop off a rider at the gate, and they can open the gate by grabbing ahold of the "Safety Green" section of the gate and walk right thru.  This section is insulated so they will not be shocked if they touch it. 

You also can easily adjust the tension of the arms to your liking.  I found it best to extend the tips of the arms so they just touch each other.  This helps them line up in the same manner each time someone goes through the gate.   Like I mentioned in the begining, this solution affordably opens your property back up!  Here's a link to my store if you might be interested in trying this solution on your property.

Hurricane Gate

Sunday, November 26, 2023