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Paca Po

Golden Po Alpaca Manure
$50.00 USD
SKU: 177675301895
Selling "CHEAP FERTILIZER"; Alpaca manure, a Highly effective organic fertilizer, only $1 per lb. sold in 5lb bags. 5lb bags are self serve at our roadside stand. If you require a bit more, I can load your truck or trailer with a front end loader. $50.00 for one 1/2-yard bucket load. Call or text to make arrangements.

Helping make Fertilizer Cheap Again!! My team of Alpaca's work all year to help produce this all organic cold manure. You can apply it directly onto plants and it will not burn. I have several rose and vegetable gardeners who come back year after year and they tell me it makes a "HUGE" difference in their garden and on their crops.

"FARMER"S SECRET", their are several well known green houses in our local area that use this very product to bump up yield and appearance of their products. Plus you get to come meet the Alpaca's too!
Come see the flower bed's and orchard trees on our property, we can show you the before and after results of this incredible 100% organic fertilizer.

Condition: new - (Well freshly produced anyway!)

Slowly releases critical nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium adding vital nutrients to soil
Virtually odorless
Helps to loosen clay soils and harden sandy soils
100% Michigan made!